Our Work

Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre is a national NGO that works to promote Traveller and Roma human rights in Ireland through research, policy development, advocacy and collective community action.

We work to address the needs of Travellers and Roma as minority ethnic groups experiencing exclusion, discrimination and racism.  Our work involves a community work approach based on the principles of human rights, participation, equality and interculturalism.

Our Vision

Travellers and Roma are fully recognised and respected as minority ethnic groups who are proud and confident in their identity and exercising their human rights.

 Our Mission

Pavee Point’s mission is to contribute to improvement in the quality of life, living circumstances, status
and participation of Travellers & Roma through working innovatively.

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30 Year Anniversary

“Critical to the ongoing success of Pavee Point is the fact that for 30 years the organisation has had the ability to look from both within and without, clearly identifying the issues confronting not only Irish Travellers but amongst wider Irish society too, from the top of the political echelon to the smaller, more anonymous corners.” Colum McCann. 2015