So today ends my first week as an intern in the office of Congressman Brendan Boyle. Congressman Boyle is a democrat who represents district 13 in Pennsylvania. This week has been so interesting and varied and also very enlightening.

My first day started with a tour of the office buildings and how to get around. The rest of the day was spent getting to know how the office worked and meeting all of the lovely staffers who have made me feel so welcome since my arrival.

I have learned in my short time in politics, that no two days are the same and there is always something interesting going on. Whether it is attending briefings or running errands the hustle and bustle of politics is an enticing place to be.

On Tuesday evening, we went to a movie called “How to diffuse a bomb: the project children story”. After the movie we met the inspirational Denis Mulcahy  an Irish immigrant who started the project in order to help build peace in Northern Ireland.

Wednesday brought with it  the terrible news that congressman Steve Scalise among others had been shot at a baseball game practice.  While the congressman is still in critical condition as i write this, i hope he makes a full recovery.

on another note i really admire the way the majority of Republican and Democrats have expressed their unity in the wake of the tragedy . the government have expressed their bipartisan (i just learned this word)  support for the Congressman.

Back home in Ireland life is moving on and it feels weird that i am so out of the loop on the day today lives of my family and friends. However, i can’t complain because this has been and continues to be an amazing experience. Also to answer the several people at home who continue to ask; No, i haven’t met Donald Trump and if i do i will be sure to bring up why you don’t like him ?

I have gone to some great speakers this week including Patrick Murphy who was previously a congressman and who was instrumental in repealing the “don’t ask don’t tell” bill. I also met Joe Crowley who is currently the chair of the democratic caucus. Mr Crowley and Mr Murphy have Irish ancestry and are both inspiring people who have worked hard to fight  for the rights of people who need a voice. This is also something i admire in Congressman Boyle who is dedicated to his constituents and arguing for their issues.

People here in America have been so lovely and seem to really love my accent which makes a nice change from home. Here in America I don’ have to worry about being followed around shops or refused service, here i am Irish. While people are curious about my ethnicity and ask questions  there is no judgement, no deeply held prejudice. To be honest it is a nice feeling to feel like you are wanted in a country that is not even my own. I must acknowledge though that this is not everyone’s experience in America and that America like Ireland is far from perfect but for now i will enjoy this feeling of being wanted.


Until next time