We strongly believe that health is not only the absence of disease and there are many factors that contribute towards Travellers’/ Roma’s poor health status.

In the context of our work health is defined in a holistic way, using a social determinant of health approach, which includes recognition of all the factors that influence health.

This model clearly illustrates that we need to tackle all causes to effect change in health status as outlined below in the Dalghren and Whitehead Model.


health photo 1

The picture we have painted points to the need for a holistic, integrated, long-term approach to improving the lives of Travellers, which involves the community at each stage of this development.



Keeping the Social Determinants of Health in mind, the health team in Pavee Point work at a local, regional and national level.

National Traveller Health Network

At a national level Pavee Point resources the National Traveller Health Network which is a national forum for all the Traveller PHCTPs in the country. This network meets five times a year with specific themes and is convened by Pavee Point. Pavee Point represents Travellers on a number of national committees  National Traveller Health Advisory Committee (NTHAC) . NTHAC consist of members from the three national Traveller Organisations, the Department of Health and Children and the HSE. NTHAC meets on a regular basis.

We are also represented on The Traveller Health Advisory Forum (THAF). This advisory forum was established by the HSE to feed into the existing national Traveller and Ethnic Minorities Working groups, a sub group of the HSE National Social Inclusion Steering Group. It provides an opportunity for Travellers, Traveller Organisations and HSE staff working in the area, to advise the National Social Inclusion Steering Group (HSE) on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health services for Travellers.

Healthy Ireland Network

We signed up to this network in May 2017.  Read about it here.


Regional Networks

At a regional level Pavee Point coordinates and provides technical support to the Traveller Health Unit(THU) in the Eastern Region. Pavee Point works closely with the THU in the development of standards and models of best practise for PHCTPs in the region

We  also resource the Eastern Regional Traveller Health Network (ERTHN) which is a regional network of Travellers and Traveller organisations and other Non Government Organisations (NGOs) working with Travellers, who are committed to addressing health inequalities experienced by Travellers.

Pavee Point also provides training and support for Co-ordinators, Assistant Co-ordinators and Community Health Workers of PHCTPs.


Work is delivered mainly through the Primary Health Care for Travellers Project (PHCTP) at a local level.  The Project works on a local, regional and national basis.  The work of the PHCTP is based on fieldwork with families and outreach work in the Traveller community.

Read about our Men’s Health Project here.

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