Challenging Barriers and Misconceptions: Roma Maternal Health in Ireland
(Pavee Point, 2014)

Roma Communities in Ireland: Child Protection Considerations
(Pavee Point, 2014)

Roma and Education
(Pavee Point, 2014) 

OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting:
Implementation of the Action Plan on Improving the Situation of Roma and Sinti
Pavee Point, November 2013

Briefing Note on the National Traveller Roma Integration Strategy (NTRIS)
Pavee Point, February 2014

Irish Travellers and Roma CERD Shadow Report
January 2011 

Briefing Paper on the Habitual Residence Condition
Pavee Point, 2012



Roma Educational Needs in Ireland Context and Challenges
Louise Lesovitch. Published by City of Dublin VEC, 2005

It is without doubt the case that Roma men, women and children would benefit from targeted educational interventions and supports. A number of interventions documented in the current report attest to this. Yet this fact must be set within the context of one of the chief findings of this report: Provision for the Roma community will not be achieved without considerable attention to cultural and social factors.