How might abusive husbands or family members use the COVID-19 crisis to control her?

Some things abusers might be saying and doing to women during COVID-19 crisis are:

  • Trying to make her think that there is no help available during this time, for example telling her that Gardai won’t respond to her call or that all services are closed 
  • Blocking her access to her phone, computer, TV, family and friends so that she cannot get information about the virus
  • Refusing to wash his hands which can put her and her children at risk of getting the virus
  • Stopping her from getting access to hand soap, hand sanitiser or cleaning products 
  • Telling her that he is infected and has infected her/Making her believe that if she leaves she will infect others
  • Using the virus as a scare tactic to keep her away from her kids
  • Threatening to kick her out on the street so that she gets the virus and gets sick  
  • Stopping her from accessing her social welfare payments 
  • Stopping her from accessing health care when she has symptoms of COVID-19

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