Important Information for Women Regarding Domestic Violence and COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

Why is this time more dangerous for women and children who live with domestic violence?

To stop the spread of COVID-19, people are asked to stay at the safety of their homes and keep distance from other people. But for women who live with domestic violence, home is not always a safe place to be. 

Women are now trapped in a house or a trailer with their abuser with little way to connect with the outside world and not knowing if the Gardai, refuges or courts services will still help them. With the abuser in the house all the time, it is difficult for women to call their sister, mother, cousin, friend or a domestic violence service as he might overhear her talking to them. 

During times when abusers spend more time at home, abusers often become more controlling. Emotional, physical, financial and sexual violence can start to happen more often and can become worse. 

***Important to note: COVID-19, drug or alcohol use, unemployment, money issues or any other issue that the abuser is having do not cause domestic violence. The cause of domestic violence is always about the abuser using power and control over the victim.*** 

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