Applications can now be made for funding for events to celebrate Traveller and Roma Pride Week 2020. Funding of up to €2,000 is available to applicants operating at regional and local level to community-based groups in order to host events between December 7th and December 11th 2020.

Applications for funding will be granted for activities satisfying the following criteria: 

• Involve the active participation of members of the Traveller and/or Roma community at all stages of the project (planning, implementation, etc); 
• Celebrate and promote Traveller and/or Roma culture; 
• Promote a positive image of Traveller and/or Roma Culture to the wider settled community; 
• Members of the settled community must be included and invited to the event; 
• The event must be accessible to an open public audience where possible. 

Funding applications, guidelines and criteria details are available here.

Application form here.

Completed applications must be received via email to before 5pm on Friday November 13th

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth is providing funding to the Traveller Pride Week Steering Committee to support, strengthen and expand Traveller and Roma Pride Week and to increase national awareness of the event as part of hte National Traveller & Roma Inclusion Strategy.