Thanks to everyone who donated to our ten young Travellers and Roma  who will travel to Poland as part of our Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative at the end of July.

The ten will travel to Auschwitz, Poland to learn about the Roma Holocaust and to meet Holocaust survivors. An estimated 500,000 Roma were murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps. This is traditionally commemorated on the 2nd August.

On their return participants will  deliver a project to spread awareness about the experiences of Roma in the Holocaust.

“I feel like there is much to learn from our ancestors and their stories, and I feel like this initiative allows a space of respect and reflection, as well as keeping the stories alive of what happened to the Roma people,” Lois Brookes Jones.  Find out more about why Lois is participating in this project.

Lois Brookes Jones

“I have seen documentaries regarding the Roma experiences and I found it such a big mistreatment of human beings and that their stories and experiences need to be heard,” Richard O’Leary.

More details on this initiative here.

The participants:   Damaris Paun, 17, Kildare; Jason Sherlock, 20, Galway; Lois Brookes Jones, 20, Shropshire, England; Bianca Paun, 20, Kildare; Megan Berry, 21, Carlow; Tracey Reilly, 30, Finglas, Dublin;  Alisa Petrovici, 20, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford; Richard O’ Leary, 21, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath; Michael Collins, 30, Coolock, Dublin; Alex Petrovics (20), Enniscorthy.

Photographs by Derek Speirs.

Richard O’ Leary