On International Women’s Day, Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre is sharing reflections from some of its longest-serving Traveller Primary Health Care Workers.

Missy, Maggie and Molly discuss what it means to them to be a Traveller women, and how they see the lives of Traveller women in the community have changed from one generation to the next.

Maggie McDonnell, Missie Collins & Molly Collins at Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre. ©Photo by Derek Speirs

Missy Collins, Traveller Primary Health Care Worker with Pavee Point’s Primary Health Care for Travellers Project

Missie Collins ©Photo by Derek Speirs

“I was always very proud of who I am, and I suppose, in the older years I’m very proud to be a grandmother, and a great grandmother, and to pass some of the knowledge that I know about Travellers on to the younger generation as well.“.. Read More here…

Molly Collins ©Photo by Derek Speirs

‘I’m very proud of being a Traveller – a Travelling woman. We have a different culture from settled people, but yet, I can make good friends with a settled woman.’ .. Read more here

Maggie McDonnell ©Photo by Derek Speirs

“My father was a tinsmith. We had to move from camp to camp and it was very hard in the winter.”.. Read more here