Pavee Point is participating in Mens Health Week 2019 from the 10 – 16 June.

During the week we will be raising awareness on how Traveller men are active in promoting better health in the community.

During Mens Health Week 2019, everyone in Ireland is encouraged to both MAKE THE TIME and TAKE THE TIME to do something  practical to improve their own health and the health of the men and boys that they come into contact with Рas well as to celebrate the week.

Health Status of Traveller Men

We know from the All Ireland Traveller Health Study 2010 that there is a major gap between the health of Traveller men and that of the general population:

  • Traveller men die 15 years younger than men in the general population

  • Suicide is 7 times the national rate among Traveller men

To combat this Pavee Point is lobbying the Government for targeted health services for Travellers, for better access to health services, for appropriate health information and to eliminate discrimination within the health system.

Awaiting Traveller Health Action Plan

We are currently awaiting the urgent publication of the Traveller Health Action Plan.  Pavee Point, other Traveller organisations and Travellers around the country worked on this plan with the Department of Health in 2018.