Pavee Point has two online offerings for Culture Night 2020 – Pavee Roads Home and Gloke – which we hope you will enjoy.

Pavee Roads Home

Join us on ‘Pavee Roads Home,’ an interactive online journey which traces the history of a number of Traveller families, from when they travelled the roads to when they arrived in Dublin. Follow their journeys, hear the stories and get a unique experience of recent Traveller history.  Go to from 4pm on Culture Night.

Visit to former Traveller stopping places outside Dublin, ©Photo by Derek Speirs

Gloke – Poetry Performance

At this event for #CultureNight2020 Michael Collins, Men’s Health Worker, Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre introduces the poem ‘Gloke’ and explains how the poem was created.

This process was facilitated by Pavee Point’s Men’s Health Programme, funded by the Traveller Health Unit, and supported by First Fortnight. Geoff Finan is a spoken word poet who worked with the Traveller men over a period of weeks and at this event he performs the poem . Total event time 10 mins approximately. 

Register here for this event and a link to the live video premiere will be sent to you by email.