We are delighted to announce that Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre will open its doors for Culture Night, Friday 20 September.

Between 4pm and 9pm you will be able to visit us, just off Mountjoy Square,  to see images, objects and videos reflecting Traveller culture, history and way of life.

A tinsmithing demonstration will take place at 7pm while at 8pm you can hear a short talk by Martin Collins on the work of Pavee Point and the history of the building, a building that is mentioned in James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’.

“Culture Night is a great way to visit places of cultural interest that are not normally open or which you would not normally think of visiting.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase elements of Traveller culture,” said Martin Collins, Pavee Point Co Director.

” With Traveller tinsmithing and the Traveller language Cant/Gammon now on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, we felt this was a good time to show off the wealth of culture we have here. We are looking forward to welcoming people to share in this with us on Culture Night,” he said.

“We are also lucky to have such an historic building to work from and our premises has a rich a varied past which you can hear about on the night.”

Also in the Area

Pavee Point is part of the Culture Night Dublin City / Monto and North Georgian Quarter which also features such attractions as the new premises of our ngo colleagues FLAC, the Free Legal Advice Centre; Na Píobairí Uileann, which features an exhibit on Traveller pipers and St. Francis Xavier’s Church which features six stained glass windows by Harry Clarke.

The Centre for Creative Practices at D-Light Studios, just down the road, will feature urban art forms by intercultural artists.

See full Culture Night Brochure.