Nancy Collins gets ready to bring out information material on COVID-19 to Traveller families.  

“It’s important to build up trust with the Traveller families you work with,” says Nancy, “That way when it comes to a crisis like this one, they know they can trust the information we give. 

“Of course being a Community Health Worker at this time sends out a very positive message to all Travellers – that Travellers can and do very positive work in their own communities.  It’s a great role model for the younger Travellers on the sites. 

“When I started off I didn’t have all the confidence I needed to be talking about medical issues.  But with the training you get confidence and with the support of your co-workers you help each other through the difficult situations.

Nancy has been a Community Health Worker on Pavee Point’s Traveller Primary Health Care Project for about 5 years. 

Traveller Primary Community Health Workers are health workers who act as liaison between the Traveller community and health service providers. The All Ireland Traveller Health Study shows 83% of Travellers receive their health information from Traveller Primary Health Care Projects. 

The Pavee Point Primary Healthcare Project is part of the Eastern Region Traveller Health Unit which covers CHO 9. Traveller Health Units prioritise Traveller health concerns and address Traveller health inequalities, on behalf of the Health Service Executive (HSE).  

Delivering Traveller specific COVID-19 information.