Every year on the 8th April we celebrate International Traveller and Roma Day. This marks the day of the first World Roma Congress in 1971. The green and blue flag was adopted as the official flag for Romani people and Roma was identified as the preferred term to describe members of Roma communities across Europe (Roma, Sinti, Kale, Travellers, Dom, Lom and related groups). It also marks the day on which the song “Gelem Gelem” was officially recognised as the national anthem of Romani people. This day was officially designated as International Roma Day at the fourth congress of the International Romani Union in 1990.

“It is important to celebrate International Roma Day for who we are, what we have passed through, and the generation before us. Roma people passed through slavery, the Holocaust, starvation and injustice. It is important for people to recognize what has happened to the Roma community. It is important for the generation coming after me to know what has happened to our people and to not allow this to happen again.” Gabi Muntean, Pavee Point.

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