We strongly believe that health is not only the absence of disease and that there are factors that contribute towards Travellers’ poor health status.

The context of our health is defined by a holistic way, using a social determinant of health approach, which includes recognition of all the factors that influence health.

This model clearly illustrates that we need to tackle all causes to effect change in health status as outlined above in the Dalghren and Whitehead Model.

The Health Team in Pavee Point consists of:

We work at a local, regional and national level:

  • Local Traveller Health Networks:

    • Primary Health Care for Travellers Project (PHCTP)

    • Men’s Health Project

    • Mental Health

    • LGBTQ+

  • Regional Traveller Health Networks:

    • Eastern Regional Traveller Health Network (ERTHN)

    • Eastern Regional Traveller Health Training Network (THTN)

  • National Traveller Health Networks:

  • National Traveller Health Network (NTHN)