It’s very important that Travellers and Roma identify AS Travellers and Roma in Census 2016.  In this way the State can plan for the needs of Travellers and Roma in the future.  

Question 11 is designed to help ensure that there are equal outcomes for people from all ethnic or cultural backgrounds, including Travellers and Roma, in terms of health, education, accommodation and employment.

Often by treating everyone the same, minority groups, including Travellers and Roma, don’t experience the same benefits as people from the larger groups.  This in turn creates inequalities in society.


It is only by taking difference into account that equality of opportunity and outcome can be achieved.

Pavee Point has been working with the CSO since 2002 to highlight these issues.

For Census 2016 this has included producing a Traveller/Roma Census DVD, delivering awareness training to Regional Supervisors of enumerators and producing a Traveller information leaflet.

There is lots of further information on including CSO information for the Traveller Community;  case studies on how Census information is used and the Census form explained question by question.