Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, in partnership with Cork Traveller Visibility Group, St. Catherine’s Community Services Centre, Wicklow Travellers Group, Donegal Travellers Project and Galway Traveller Movement, run a dedicated Traveller Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence Project (DSGBV), which aims to address barriers to information, safety and protection for Traveller women and girls in relation to domestic and sexual violence. The Project vision is for Traveller women and girls to be confident with understanding and exercising their rights, and to have a community and service provision that supports the prevention and protection of Traveller women and girls from DSGBV.

The aims of the project:

  • To reach better outcomes for Traveller women in services and supports, gain a Traveller analysis of DSGBV in order to inform service and policy development, and prevent DSGBV by undertaking preventative work
  • Employ Travellers to work with local/regional service providers and the local Traveller community, and is based on community development approach and principles

The work:

  • Promote a model of Traveller participation in the prevention of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence
  • Liaise and create dialogue between Travellers and domestic, sexual and gender-based violence service providers in their local areas
  • Create and carry out awareness raising and capacity building activities in their local areas
  • Inform domestic, sexual and gender-based violence policy and practice at local and regional levels

For more information see our leaflet or contact the National Coordinator for the Traveller DSGBV Project, Bridget Winters  Email:

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Carlow:

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Cork: Maria Stokes

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Dublin: Megan McDonnell

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Wicklow: Ann Doonan

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Donegal:

Traveller Women’s Awareness Worker – Galway: