Violence against women (VAW), or gender-based violence (GBV), affects women from all ethnic and social groups. Traveller and Roma women face additional barriers to information, services and protection from violence, which place them at further risk of domestic and sexual violence.

The VAW Programme provides a Traveller and Roma analysis of GBV.  We map out the specific issues and barriers that Traveller and Roma women face in relation to domestic and sexual violence and develop responses to violence against Traveller and Roma women.

Programme aim: To prevent and combat gender-based violence in Traveller and Roma communities

Programme objectives:

  • To prevent gender-based violence within Traveller and Roma communities
  • To increase Traveller and Roma women’s access to services and protections by working with service providers and policy makers

Other Programme Actions

 Support for Traveller and Roma Communities

  • Training – We provide training for Traveller organisations to increase knowledge, skills, capacity and confidence of Traveller organisations to recognise and respond to domestic and sexual violence
  • Domestic and sexual violence policy– we support Traveller organisations in the development of a domestic and sexual violence policy to guide safe, effective and appropriate responses to domestic and sexual violence
  • Information materials – we develop accessible information materials for Traveller and Roma women on domestic and sexual violence

Working with Service Providers

The VAW Programme provides information materials and training for service providers to promote good practise when working with Traveller and Roma women.

Influencing Policy and Legislation

The VAW Programme works towards improving policy and legislation to ensure Traveller and Roma women can access safety and protection from violence. We represent Traveller and Roma women on National Steering Committee on Violence against Women and its Public Awareness Sub-committee, the National Traveller Monitoring and Advisory Committee Sub-group on Traveller Men Saying Stop to Domestic Violence, and the Irish Observatory on Violence against Women.


The VAW Programme works to raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence by campaigning at local, regional and national level.

‘Break the Silence’, 2015

To mark the 16 Days of Action Campaign 2015, Pavee Point teamed up with actor/writer John Connors (Love/Hate, King of the Travellers), actor Michael Collins (King of the Travellers, Glenroe), and a number of other Traveller and Roma men to break the silence on men’s violence against women.  Watch the campaign video here.


EXPECT RESPECT! 16 Days of Action Campaign 2014



On the 27th of November 2014 we held an ‘Expect Respect’  conference in Pavee Point adressed by main speakers Tessa Collins, Pavee Point; Rebecca McDonagh, Pavee Point; Jennifer Moloney, Garda Siochana and Michael McKenna, Youth Action Northern Ireland.  This was followed by the release of 16 Days of Action Balloons by Manu Paun, Pavee Point. ©Photo by Derek Speirs


International Women’s Day 2015

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