We are working to achieve full human rights for Roma in Ireland. We do this through national research, policy analysis and engagement with Roma communities and service providers. In the video below, you can hear Gabi Muntean, Community Development Worker on the Roma Project, speaking about the experiences of Roma in Ireland.


What we are working towards:

  • Evidence of Roma human rights issues in Ireland documented through a national needs assessment.
  • The development of a progressive, inclusive National Traveller Roma Inclusion Strategy with clear recommendations to improve the situation for Roma in Ireland.
  • Increased action among high level policy-makers and elected representatives to address the human rights issues facing Roma.
  • Political commitment to providing a safety net for the most vulnerable Roma families.
  • Increased Roma access to and engagement with health and other services.
  • The development of a national Primary Healthcare Project for Roma.
  • Emergence of strong Roma leaders, working from community development and human rights principles.

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Tel: +353 1 8780255

  • Marianna Prontera, Coordinator: marianna.prontera@pavee.ie
  • Gabi Muntean, Community Development Worker: gabif.muntean@pavee.ie
  • Tica Muntean, Community Development Worker: tica.muntean@pavee.ie
  • Emily Murphy, Advocacy and Training Officer: emily.murphy@pavee.ie

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