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Traveller Health Needs Assessment: County Clare, July 2019

(Mid West THU and Pavee Point)

Pavee Mothers Booklet, September 2018 (Winner of NALA Plain English Award)

Breast Cancer Aware Card (Winner of NALA Plain English Award)

February 2016

Position Paper on Traveller Men’s Health

November 2016


Traveller Health Unit Eastern Region

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2018

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Fire Safety Pictograph, December 2015

Fire Safety Tips, December 2015

Young Pavees – their Mental Health Needs,

Pavee  Point, November 2015

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Suicide Fact & Figures

Pavee Point, 2016

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Evidence & Recommendations on Mental Health, Suicide and Travellers

Pavee Point, 2016

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Submission to the National Office of Suicide Prevention
Pavee Point, 2014 

Submission to the Department of Health on the issue of Universal Health Insurance
Pavee Point, 2014 

All Ireland Traveller Health Study
Final reports from the health study are available on the dedicated Pavee Point All Ireland Traveller Health Study page here. Please note that this page is also undergoing maintenance and will soon be updated.

There’s a Darkness of the Edge of Town
Podcast on Mental Health and Suicide made by RTE 

Beyond the Classroom- The Communities
This video documents the history of the Primary Care Project initiated by Pavee Point.

Primary Health Care Project- Handheld Record
(Pavee Point)

Activities and Work of Traveller Primary Health Care Projects in the Eastern Region Traveller Health Unit
Traveller Health Unit Eastern Region, December 2009
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Traveller Health: A National Strategy

Toolkit and Guidelines for the Employment of Travellers in the Health Service Executive
Traveller Health Unit, Eastern Region, 2007 

Factsheet on Older Travellers
Pavee Point, 2014

Factsheet on Traveller Mens’ Health
Pavee Point, 2014 

Factsheet on Traveller Mental Health and Suicide
Pavee Point, 2014  

Providing Effective Health Services to Travellers: A Guide
Pavee Point/HSE 

Suicide Among the Travelling Community
Mary Rose Walker 

Traveller Inclusion in the Development of Primary Health Care Teams
Pavee Point, revised November 2013  

Relationships and Sexuality Attitudes
Pavee Point, 2011 

Pavee Beoir: Her Reproductive Health


Bullying Guidelines for Traveller Parents

Deliberate Self Harm Service: Traveller Community Information Leaflet  

Review of Travellers Health using Primary Care as a Model of Good Practice

Pavee Point, 2005

The Report sets out the background with facts and figures about Travellers including the Social Determinants of Health. This is followed by the information about Primary Health Care principles and how the Project came about. It also talks about PHC as a Model of good practice for Traveller health. Finally, it looks at programme interventions between the year 2000-2005 and finishes with challenges and opportunities related to the Project.

Environmental Health Concerns of Travellers and Progressing Environmental Health on Sites
Traveller Health Unit, Eastern Region, 2004

The aim of this research was to investigate and document the issues in relation to environmental health and the Traveller Community, document these issues from the perspective of Travellers and from Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and to present Traveller organisations and local authorities with practical measures as recommendations for action towards achieving progress in relation to Environmental Health.

Summary of main findings of the 2004 Traveller Health Survey
Northern Area Health Board, 2004

The following section reports the summary of the main findings from the Traveller health survey. All the Traveller organisations and health staff working with the Travellers in the NAHB managed the whole study. The analysis was done by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Alzheimer’s Poster
Pavee Point and the Alzheimer Society

Working in Partnership A Report on the Activities of the Traveller Health Unit in the Eastern Region to 2004
Traveller Health Unit, Eastern Region, 2004 

In this report, the Traveller Health Unit encouraged readers to use our Unit as a model of good practice in providing equitable healthcare for minority ethnic groups. The Traveller Health Unit is designed to deliver equitable outcomes in health for the most marginalised group in Irish society – Irish Travellers – and to do so in the most sustainable and efficient manner. In doing this the Traveller Health Unit makes the best use of the central contribution Travellers have to make to ongoing health and well-being in the Traveller community.

Traveller Proofing – Within an Equality Framework
ISBN: 1 897598 74 2 2002

Report includes an Overview of Traveller Proofing, Roma Rights and Data Collection, Traveller Proofing Health and a Pilot of Traveller Proofing.

Primary Health Care for Travellers Project: Implementation Report 1996 – 1999

Report includes Background and Context, Project Initiation, implementation of project interventions and outcomes, lessons and conclusions.

Caring for Diversity
Pavee Point, 2003

Report on a research project to identify the need and potential for culturally appropriate child welfare and protection services for Travellers. This report was commissioned in 2002 and following completion in 2003 the findings were presented at roundtable discussions with service providers in the area on how best to use the finding to inform appropriate recommendations. It has been agreed that we publish this summary of the findings to facilitate further and more widespread discussion and consideration of the issues highlighted in the report.

The Journal of Health Gain
Special Issue on Traveller Health 2001

Use of Hospital Facilities by the Traveller Community

This study was designed by a sub-group of the Traveller Health Unit (THU) including Tallaght Travellers’ Support Group, Pavee Point and The Tallaght Hospital (The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin Incorporating The National Children’s Hospital (AMINCH). Funding was secured from the THU and two researchers were engaged, one from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), to do the analysis of the hospital data; and one from Community Technical Aid (CTA), to facilitate and analyse the focus studies. Two Traveller women were employed as research assistants on the focus group studies. The aim of the study was to identify Traveller access to and utilisation of acute hospital services through use of hospital data, and focus groups, and to make specific recommendations to the major hospitals, Traveller Health Unit (THU) and to Traveller organisations.

Leaflet: Primary Health Care for Travellers Project
Pavee Point and the Eastern Health Board 

An initiative developed by Pavee Point and the Eastern Health Board to introduce and explain the Primary Health Care project.