Some Traveller parents are worried about schools re-opening and the safety of our children. And this is normal considering we’re in a pandemic.  But it’s important that Traveller children don’t miss out on their education. Education is vital to our children’s futures.

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Get Correct Information

There are lots of rumours out there that are playing on our fears.  A lot of these rumours are spread on social media and you need to be aware that not everything on social media is true.

So it’s important Traveller parents get the CORRECT information about our children going back to school.  The best thing to do is to phone the school.

Check on reliable websites

Get all the latest Government information from

Parents Contacted Immediately

One of the biggest fears parents have is what will happen if your child shows COVID symptoms in school. 

If your child shows symptoms they will be brought to a dedicated room in the school and parents will be contacted immediately.

You will be asked to bring your child home, call your doctor and follow instructions given to you by your doctor and isolate for 14 days.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Schoolchildren should wash their hands properly first thing when they get home – to keep the people in your home safe.  And if you have someone at home with an underlying health condition – keep the 2m distance.

Keeping our children, families and communities safe depends on keeping HSE guidelines and taking basic COVID19 precautions –

Support is Available – Ask Questions

We all need support and it’s good to work together

This is a new situation for all of us.   Schools will be different.  But schools should also be a place where children can learn, play and be safe. 

It’s good to reach out to your school to get support and ask questions.  We all need support and it’s good to work together.