Facebook is a social media site that allows for family and friends to keep in touch in a number of different ways. But it is important that we make sure we know how to report inappropriate comments, images, videos and take steps to keep ourselves safe when using Facebook.

How to Report on Facebook

Step 1: Click the three dots next to the post

Step 2: Select ‘Find support or report this post’

The post will be sent to Facebook to review. If it goes against their community standards, it will be taken down. If not, they will leave the post up and they will let you know why. 

If you are being blackmailed or someone in threatening to share intimate images, you can fill out this form to report it to Facebook

How to Stay Safe on Facebook

Stay safe on Facebook by changing your privacy settings and controlling who can see your posts. Making your account private will allow you to have control over who can see your posts and interact with your page. People will have to request to see your page and you can approve or deny their request.

It’s important to remember that people who are your friends on Facebook can still screenshot and share things you upload, so be careful about what you post.

For more information on how to report and keep safe when using Facebook, see Spunout’s guide on Staying safe while using Facebook.