Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking app. It’s important that we report or block inappropriate comments or accounts and take steps to stay safe while using Instagram. Here’s how: 

How to report on Instagram

Step 1: Go to the selected image or video, tap the three dots in the right-hand corner

Step 2: The option to report will appear. Select ‘It’s inappropriate’ for reporting and flagging inappropriate content

Step 3: Select the relevant report option

For more information, see Webwise’s Guide on How to report posts on Instagram

Also see Instagram’s Safety tools

How to stay safe on Instagram 

Private accounts

Having a private account means that only you and your followers can see what you post. People will have to request to follow you to see what you post and you can approve or deny their request.

When you create an account, your profile will be public by default. To make your account private, go to your settings and change your account privacy settings in the ‘Privacy’ tab. Anyone who was following you before you made your account private will still be able to see tour posts. If you don’t want someone to see what you are posting you can block them.

Remember, one of your approved followers can still screenshot and share the things you upload, so be careful about what you post.

For more information on how to report & keep safe using Instagram, see Spunout’s guide on How to stay safe on Instagram