Sally Anne Wall (right) is one of 6 workers on the Tallaght Traveller Primary Healthcare Project. Here she can be seen with colleague Pauline Eaton (left) preparing gloves and sanitiser packs for the 150 or so families living on Traveller sites or group housing schemes in the area.

“We have contact with most families in the area through our Facebook pages,” explains Sally Anne. “We keep in touch with families this way.  We ask them if they have any concerns and we pass out information on protection from COVID19, on cocooning, self-isolation and social distancing. People understand it better when it’s coming from one of their own.

“People in our area are doing very, very good. They are keeping their social distance and I’m very proud of the efforts they’re making.”

Tallaght Travellers Primary Health Care Project is one of 27 Traveller Primary Healthcare Projects operating around the country. 

Traveller Primary Community Health Workers are health workers who act as liaison between the Traveller community and health service providers. The All Ireland Traveller Health Study shows 83% of Travellers receive their health information from Traveller Primary Health Care Projects.

The Tallaght Traveller Primary Healthcare Project is part of the Eastern Region Traveller Health Unit which covers CHOs 6, 7, & 9. Traveller Health Units prioritise Traveller health concerns and address Traveller health inequalities, on behalf of the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Pauline Eaton (L) and Sally Anne Wall (R) of Tallaght Primary Health Care Project.