A leaflet aimed at Travellers and Roma that raises awareness about transgender people was launched jointly by Pavee Point and Transgender Equality Network Ireland today.

“We know trans Travellers exist and through our work we want to ensure positive visibility and inclusivity in the Traveller rights’ movement going forward,” said Aoife Mallon, Primary Health Care Co-Ordinator.

In launching the resource, Tracey Reilly Traveller Community Development Worker said:

“This project is a unique partnership as it brings together marginalised communities to work together to promote inclusion.

“We want to fight all types of discrimination.  We also want to ensure that services are better suited to address the needs of our communities.” Click here for leaflet pdf.

Culturally Appropriate

This culturally appropriate resource for Travellers, which focuses on what it means to be trans, followed a training exchange.  Pavee Point provided culturally appropriate training to TENI and TENI then provided training to Pavee Point about what it means to be trans.

Each of the two trainings were developed in partnership and tailored for each prospective audience.

“We believe by working together to increase the understanding of trans identities we can change the way trans people are treated and viewed,” said Gordon Grehan, Operations Manager with TENI.

“We hope this will ultimately reduce transphobia and transphobic violence in Ireland and help to improve outcomes particularly regarding positive visibility and acceptance for Travellers who are trans.”

Ongoing Partnership

The leaflet will be distributed nationally among Traveller and LGBTQI groups and is available online here:

This resource is one piece of the ongoing work and partnership between Pavee Point and TENI. This partnership takes an intersectional approach, exploring the experiences faced by both communities through a shared learning and exchange in order to see a change in practice and an increased awareness in both communities.

TENI seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families.  To contact TENI ring (01) 873357 or email office@teni.ie www.teni.ie