Mary Tyrrell has been working all out since the start of the COVID19 crisis.  She is a Traveller Community Health Worker in Coolock.  This week the Primary Health Care Project worked with the National Ambulance Service to support Traveller families to get tested on site. 

“We have done over 200 tests today and because we have lots of vulnerable Travellers here with underlying conditions, it’s really important that we get the tests done.  We were able to bring ambulance staff into their homes to ensure they were tested. 

“We are also working with families to ensure people look after their mental health at this time.  As we know suicide in our community is 7 times the national rate.”

Mary is one of 6 Traveller Community Health Workers on the TravAct Primary Health Care Project and TravAct Primary Health Care Project is one of 27 Traveller Primary Healthcare Projects operating around the country.

Traveller Primary Community Health Workers are health workers who act as liaison between the Traveller community and health service providers. The All Ireland Traveller Health Study shows 83% of Travellers receive their health information from Traveller Primary Health Care Projects.

TravAct Primary Healthcare Project is part of the Eastern Region Traveller Health Unit which covers CHOs 6, 7, & 9. Traveller Health Units prioritise Traveller health concerns and address Traveller health inequalities, on behalf of the Health Service Executive (HSE).

With the National Ambulance Service
Mary Tyrrell, Traveller Community Health Worker