Traveller Men’s Health Day is back in the Phoenix Park after a two year absence due to COVID and it’s shaping up to be a good day. 

At least 12 teams are registered to take part in the day’s football tournament – the John O’Connell Cup.

We will also have horseshoe and tug-of-war games, along with some fun egg and spoon races to get your hearts pumping!  

Health checks and health information will be provided by a variety of organisations and the Order of Malta will be on hand for any First Aid needs. 

Come along and celebrate this year’s theme ‘Mission: is POSSIBLE’ next Wednesday 15th of June from 10:30am. 

Traveller men face high levels of unemployment, marginalisation, poor living conditions and exclusion.

Throwing the horseshoe for Traveller Men’s Health ©Photo by Derek Speirs.

Health outcomes reflect this situation with a suicide rate among Traveller men that is 7 times the national average and a life expectancy that is 15 years less than that of the general population.

Traveller Men’s Health Day is an initiative of the Eastern Regional Traveller Health Network – made up of 10 Traveller projects and is supported by the Traveller Health Unit, Co Ordinated by Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre.