The Traveller Pride Awards will be taking place as part of National Traveller Pride week starting 11th July.

This is a great chance to highlight Traveller achievements in the areas of sport, culture, education, enterprise, youth and intersectionality (across different areas).

Get your nominations in by Friday 13th of May. Nomination form here.

Local Traveller Pride

The week starting 18th July is Local Traveller Pride Week.

The Traveller culture experience is rapidly changing. Today, everyone’s experience of growing up as a Traveller is different.

Crafts and traditions in our culture that were once widely practiced and experienced, are rare today. This year’s Traveller Pride Week is about coming together and acknowledging and embracing our heritage with pride, exploring our natural creativity to connect with one another, and sharing our cultural experiences through the joy that creativity brings.

Applications for funding will be granted for activities* satisfying particular criteria.

All information on funding available for local events is available here.

Biddy Collins, Sheila Reilly, Margaret Collins and Davey Collins