Please find information here on transferring to 3rd Level. The CAO (Central Applications Office) deadline for applications for higher education programmes is 1 February. All applications must go through the CAO.

Make your Application to CAO 2021

CAO Handbook – a step by step guide to making your application

CAO Parents’ Guide

The Waterford Institute of Technology have developed a useful CAO guide to help you decide what course might suit you and how to go about your application.

Please note also that Traveller applicants, in addition to (but not instead of) the CAO application, can apply through the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) and where relevant the Disability Access Route to Education(DARE) due initially by by March 1st.

Find out more about HEAR and DARE from SpunOut

Scholarships and Funding

The 1916 Bursary Fund is for marginalised groups and is means tested. Travellers and Roma can apply for this grant.

Maynooth University 1916 Bursary Fund Guide

The Uversity Scholarship Programme may be of interest as its focus is mature (over 23 years old) applicants – info here. Scholarships can be in any discipline and used to enrol in selected institutions on the island of Ireland.

Roma are not a named group in the current Equity of Access Plan but could qualify for its provisions (which includes the 1916 Bursaries), and for the HEAR route if the socio-economic disadvantage clause applied, and for the DARE route where relevant.

The best way to get further information about most of the routes and schemes listed is

-from your school – ask to speak to the career guidance counsellor

-from the Higher Education Institution  Telephone the Access Section at (057) 9325435