Traveller Vaccination Priority and Roll Out

Pavee Point advocated the Government prioritise the vaccination of Traveller and Roma populations, considering the populations’ life expectancy, poor health outcomes and overcrowded/sub-standard, congregated living conditions.

Martin Collins, Co Director Pavee Point gets his vaccination.

We also recommended a consistent national approach, including special measures, to vaccinating vulnerable Traveller and Roma communities. See our report and recommendations.

In April 2021 we published two briefings on vaccine implementation and roll out for Travellers.

Recommendations for Traveller Vaccine Roll Out Plan

Briefing on Traveller and Roma COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Plans

Older Travellers Take the Vaccine

Vaccine for Traveller Primary Health Care Workers

Traveller Primary Health Care Workers are operating in 27 projects around the country.  They are playing an integral role in improving Traveller health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are working in their communities to
disseminate public health guidance, create   Traveller-specific resources and provide
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

For information on COVID19 vaccination go to the HSE website

The Traveller PHCWs have also utilised their local knowledge and their positions of trust in the community to support the HSE on the ground, through Safety Net, National Ambulance Service and Swift Queue, with targeted and mass testing.

Traveller PHCWs are working on the frontlines during this pandemic and as such, are included in the prioritisation of vaccines alongside other frontline health care workers. This will support the continuation of the important public health work provided by the Traveller Primary Health Care Projects.

In this video Traveller Primary Health Care Worker Missy Collins explains why the COVID19 vaccine is important.

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HSE Vaccine Information Videos for Travellers

Part One

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Part Two