What we need

In order address these issues, we recommend the following:

1. The establishment of a statutory Traveller Agency with powers to approve and enforce Local Authority 5 year Traveller accommodation plans

2. Introduction of a monitoring and evaluation framework with associated sanctions, ensuring full expenditure of funds allocated to Local Authorities for Traveller-specific accommodation

3. Increased provision and appropriate resourcing of accessible, suitable and culturally appropriate accommodation is available for Travellers and Roma

4. Reinstatement of Traveller accommodation funding to 2008 levels at a minimum of €40 million

5. Moratorium on evictions and on the use of Housing (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act 2002 “ Trespass Act” until the accommodation needs of all Travellers on the housing list have been met

6. Abandon the use of terms ‘sharing’, ‘basic’ services, and ‘unauthorized site’ in order to provide an accurate reflection of the housing and accommodation crisis and include Travellers in Government statistics on homelessness