Our Principles 

Human Rights
All people, including Travellers, Roma, and Gypsies, should have access to resources which enable them to meet basic human needs, to reach a socially acceptable standard of living, and to live with dignity in society.

Social Solidarity
We believe that social solidarity must be based on efforts to bridge the divisions and inequalities based on wealth, power and social status. Traveller solidarity involves developing alliances among and between Travellers and Roma as well as with different sectors of the non-Traveller population, nationally and internationally.

Cultural Diversity
We believe that a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society should be based on equality and mutual respect. Travellers and Roma have a right to assert and celebrate their distinct ethnic identities.

Community Development
We believe a community development approach and its associated principles provide an appropriate way of working with Travellers. It means working with, rather than for, Travellers. Is supports collective action, participation and empowerment, and gives priority to preventative actions.

We believe that single-factor explanations of the situation of Irish Travellers are simplistic and inaccurate. The problems Travellers experience, and issues of concern in relation to Travellers, are multiple and complex. They require a holistic, multi-dimensional approach.

We believe that Travellers and non-Travellers can be most effective in a partnership relationship that recognises their respective responsibilities, strengths and competencies. We also believe in the value of developing a range of partnerships with other organisations and agencies, voluntary and statutory.

We believe that we must be pro-active if all people are to enjoy equality of treatment and of access. We therefore espouse an anti-racist, anti-sexist approach, and we also reject exclusion on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or age.