Scottish Delegation Visit on Knowledge Exchange

Pavee Point is delighted this week to welcome a delegation from Scotland who have come on an information exchange in relation to working with Travellers.

The delegation is made up of Scottish Government personnel as well as members of civil society and human rights organisations.  Scottish Ministers have recently joined to tackle inequalites in Scotland – including Traveller and Gypsy inequalities.

The delegation firstly had a look at living conditions in Traveller specific accommodation in North Dublin before visiting Pavee Point to discuss Traveller issues.

(LtoR) Callum Ogden, Mecopp, Edinburgh; Eloise Nutbrown, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities; Bernadette Williamson, Article 12 Scotland; Hilary Third, Scottish Government Equality Unit; Mary Collins, Biddy Collins, Bridgie Collins and Emma Doyle, National Health Service, Scotland.

The delegation is particularly interested in models of engagement with Travellers and heard from the highly successful Traveller Primary Health Care Project which sees Traveller Community Health Workers providing community based health services and acting as liaison between Travellers and health service providers.

Round table on Traveller issues with Scottish Delegation.

Talking about Roma in Ireland.