Leadership and investment needed in Traveller Education

Pavee Point Traveller and Roma centre were part of a delegation that presented to an Oireachtas Commitee this week on Education.

In speaking to the Amazon Aktien Kaufen committee Martin Collins said stronger leadership and investment by the Department of Education and Skills is required to support long-term sustainable initiatives in order to ensure positive
outcomes for Travellers.

Traveller enrolments in schools had doubled between 2000 and 2010, Mr Collins told the committee. “But 86% austerity cuts to supports for Travellers in education has resulted in a 10% drop in school enrolments of Traveller children.”

“We understand that many people within the education system, as well as Travellers, feel extremely let down and disempowered by the lack of leadership from the Department of Education in addressing inequalities,” said Mr. Collins and called for a National Traveller Education Strategy. “Our children and young people are being left behind,” he said.

Opening Statement here.

Pavee Point Submission on Education to Special Joint Committee on Key Issues Affecting Travellers.

This Oireachtas Committe will report back on its finding to relevant Ministers.