Traveller Cookbook launched for Healthy Eating

Pavee Point was delighted to be part of the project and launch of ‘Pavee Peck’ today – a Traveller cookbook.  This cookbook is a creation from the memories of seventeen Traveller women which showcases the healthy meals that were prepared without electricity and living on the side of the road.  

Meeting at TravAct Coolock every Monday morning from September to December 2023, the women talked and shared memories from the past as they cooked their way through the foods of their childhood. 

With a vision to share traditional Traveller recipes that don’t require typical kitchen equipment, the cookbook comprises of recipes for spud bread, colcannon, rabbit stew, the Christmas Goose (a crowd favourite), and many more. 

However, that’s not all – the book also has Travellers cures for when people had no access to doctors on the side of the road  – cures they used and believed in, such as the use of goose grease for burns, cuts and skin conditions and alexander leaves for healing wounds on their horses. They also have treatments for skin & hair, showcasing the many ways Traveller women looked after themselves whilst travelling.  There is also a sectiondedicated to Cant – the Traveller  language

‘Pavee Peck’ was the result of a collaboration project between the City of Dublin Education and Training Board, the HSE CHO DNCC Health & Wellbeing and Social Inclusion and St Margaret’s Traveller Community Association, TravAct and Pavee Point. It was funded by the Adult Literacy for Life (ALL) Collaboration and Innovation Fund.

Certificates were also given for completing training.

These women were celebrated at today’s launch at the CDETB – Adult Education Centre in Ballymun through a Q&A, a presentation and we were even treated to some traditional songs by Molly Collins, Brigid Collins & Mary Collins. With most women in attendance, they all agreed that the many hours spent talking and cooking together, brought them closer than they already were. 

The recipes, stories and more can be found on the website here:

Main photo –

Brigid Collins, Winnie Collins, Mary Collins, Missy Collins, Mary Collins ,Molly Collins, Maggie McDonagh,Moll Mary McDonagh, Kathleen McDonnell, Nancy McDonald, Maggie McDonnell, Ellie Mongan, Lisa McDonnell, Sheila Reilly, Mary Tyrell, Kathleen Ward