5 Key Priorities Discussed with Garda Commissioner

Pavee Point welcomed today the opportunity to meet Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and Assistant Garda Commissioner Paula Hilman, to discuss our work in terms of the meaningful involvement of Travellers and Roma in the future of policing.

From our engagement with Traveller and Roma organisations and communities across the country, we recognise and acknowledge the many positive responses and interactions by members of An Garda Síochána (AGS) with Travellers and Roma. However, we also know that relations between AGS and Traveller and Roma communities are often characterised by mistrust and conflict.

Racial stereotypes and prejudices against Travellers and Roma can often lead to under-policing (not providing sufficient support and protection) and over-policing in certain situations or using excessive force against Travellers and Roma. This results in low levels of trust, low victim satisfaction, and reluctance to report crime by Travellers and Roma.

Pavee Point has a long-standing relationship with AGS, working on these important issues and today we outlined five key priorities in relation to composition and recruitment of Garda personnel, participation of minority groups at policy level, comprehensive data collection, promotion of anti-racism and human rights, and community police responses.

Read our full briefing on this topic here.

Caption – (LtoR) Mary Brigid Collins, Bridget Winters, Jenny Liston, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, Thomas McCarthy and Gabi Muntean.