Celebrating National Breastfeeding Week

This is National Breastfeeding Week and we want to encourage more Traveller women to breastfeed.


1. helps build your baby’s immunity

2. is easier on your baby’s stomach

3. helps build the mother and baby bond

Find out as much as you can about breastfeeding and get the supports you need.

There is still stigma around breastfeeding – but there are great benefits for your baby’s health and for the mother’s health.

Here you can listen to Mary Brigid Collins, Primary Health Care Assistant Co Ordinator talk about these benefits.

Beginning Breastfeeding

Beginning to feed your baby is different for Traveller mothers.  This is because Traveller newborns have a higher risk of Galactosaemia.   Listen to our explanation –

Telling your nurse you are an Irish Traveller and getting the Galactosaemia test.
Preparing for breastfeeding by expressing your milk.
Getting the results of the Galactosaemia test.