Celebrating Recovery from Addiction

Celebrating recovery from addiction was the main theme of our ‘Pavee Celebration of Recovery’ event this week. (Photo: Speakers John Connors and Ann Marie Sweeney)

Travellers in recovery from addiction gave powerful testimonies of their experiences.  Their stories were inspiring, and their experiences showed that trauma was at the root cause of their addiction, but it can be overcome with help and support, and recovery is possible.

Travellers talked about how the shame of being a drug user slowed down their recovery and said there is a need for Travellers to be aware that stigma and lack of knowledge about what causes addiction in the Traveller community has to be addressed so recovery can be possible.

Singer songwriter Trish Reilly described her own and the collective trauma Travellers have experienced through her powerful songs about forced assimilation, loss of Traveller identity and the recent history of Traveller cultural erosion.

John Paul Collins of Pavee Point introduces singer/songwriter Trish Reilly.

There were many questions from the floor, some tinged with pain as people described the hopeless situation on the ground as families struggle with addiction in their own homes and the wider community, it was great to see the passion and interest from people in how this issue can be progressed.

Dean Duggan and John Connors

Figures show that – Travellers make up 2.5% of treatment episodes which 5 times the majority population according to the Health Research Board in 2022

If you would like any further information on addiction or services appropriate for Travellers please contact our Drug and Alcohol Programme at info@pavee.ie or (01) 8780255.

Travellers celebrating recover.