Culture Night 2023 at Pavee Point

Thanks to everyone who participated in, and attended, our Culture Night event. It was very enjoyable and a good atmosphere and that was down to all the people who were there.

We especially want to thank the musicians PJ Mongan and Francis Ward who travelled with Music Generation Galway City to be with us. And it was great to also have Davie Keenan and Annie Mongan. Everyone gave wonderful performances and the banter wasn’t bad either.

PJ and Francis participated in the Young Travellers Cultural Ambassadors Campaign funded by the European Union. The project aimed at providing support for young Travellers, exploring the Traveller music heritage and addressing the significant underrepresentation of Travellers in the Irish cultural scene.

Through mediums such as music, these young musicians are encouraged to become representatives of Traveller culture, preserving and promoting Travellers’ rich tradition that has significantly contributed to Ireland’s cultural legacy over the centuries. It was a pleasure to hear the amazing collection of Traveller songs they have been exploring during the project.

We were delighted also to have people take part in the open mic and heard wonderful songs from different traditions from young and older.

Earlier in the evening people were able to visit stands on tinsmithing, camps, flowermaking, wagons and watch videos on Traveller & Roma women and the history of Travellers and Roma.

(LtoR) Musicians Francis Ward, PJ Mongan, Davie Keenan and Annie Mongan. Photo: Bryan Meade .
(LtoR) Anne Marie Moorehouse Power and Laura Power and who performed ‘Coat of Many Colours’. Photo Bryan Meade.
PJ Mongan hands the microphone to Bridgie Collins for a song. Photo: Bryan Meade.
Francis Ward and PJ Mongan. Photo: Bryan Meade
(LtoR) Alexandra Paszkowska and Vanessa Paszkowska perform songs from the Roma tradition. Photo: Bryan Meade.
Maggie Collins and Molly Collins speak with Annie Mongan.Photo: Bryan Meade
Visitors watch video on Traveller & Roma women. Pavee Point Culture night 2023. Photo: Bryan Meade
Flowermaking workshop with Sheila Reilly. Photo: Bryan Meade
There was a stand on Traveller wagons. Photo: Bryan Meade .
Flowermaking workshop.
Photo: Bryan Meade.

Thanks to our project supporters and funders:

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