Documentary on Traveller Suicide a Call to Action

The documentary ‘Patrick A Young Traveller Lost’, shown on RTE One, was a hugely sad and solemn call for the urgent action needed to improve Traveller mental health.  It is also a testament to people’s courage and to the resilience within the Traveller community.

Improving Traveller mental health means improving Traveller life overall.  

Mental distress is because of sudden or constant stresses in everyday life.   For Travellers stress has a lot do to with not being given equal opportunities in life – in education, accommodation, health and employment.  This is made worse by experiences of discrimination and racism and for most Travellers the worry of being discriminated against on a daily basis.

Action is needed in all these areas to bring about positive change for Travellers.  This is going to take a concerted effort on the part of Government and on the part of everyone.  Pavee Point, along with other Traveller organisations, remains committed to bringing about this change. 

We are currently working to bring about the long-awaited National Traveller Roma Education Strategy.  We are working hard to ensure that long overdue new National Traveller & Roma Inclusion Strategy has targets that can be implemented in a meaningful way.  We are working to help ensure the National Traveller Health Action Plan is properly funded and implemented.

Human rights are for everyone and we need to deliver on Travellers’ economic, social and cultural rights.  

Photo: A panel discussion followed a private screening of the documentary last week.