Donegal’s Musical Dohertys at Pavee Point

People got a real feel for Donegal’s Musical Doherty’s thanks to the in-depth talk by Rab Cherry of Donegal Fiddle Music who presented at Pavee Point this week.  And thanks to those who attended and who travelled to be at the event especially Donegal Traveller Project.

The talk, based on the family tree of Doherty musicians, told the story of renowned fiddle player Johnny Doherty’s ancestors, as well as his siblings and nephews and nieces.  Some of his relations were also in attendance at the event and were able to compare notes with Rab.

Micheal Cherry plays a hornpipe on the tin fiddle made by his father.

And we look forward to the future release of some new-found recordings of fiddler Mickey Doherty recorded in 1960 by Mickey’s nephew.  

(LtoR) Rab Cherry and Tica Muntean of our Roma Programme.

Main Photo: (LtoR) Kate Hagan Donegal Traveller Project, Rab Cherry, Hugh Friel Donegal Traveller Project, Eddie Friel Donegal Traveller Project and Siobhan McLaughlin Donegal Traveller Project

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