Equality for migrants and refugees means racism must be addressed – Anastasia Crickley UN Summit

Pavee Point Chairperson and Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Anastasia Crickley, addressed the UN Summit on Migrants and Refugees this week.

Ms Crickley who is founder of Migrants Rights Centre Ireland and Chairperson of Community Work Ireland said it was speak unacceptable to speak oof the integration of migrants and refugees without reference to addressing the racism they can experience.  “There is a need for actions by states, including Ireland, to create environments where migrants and refugees are not just tolerated but treated as equals,” said Ms. Crickley.

Ms Crickley acknowledged the role played by Ireland as co-chair for the development of the Declarations of the summit, which are a step in the right direction. She however expressed concern at the lack of clarity regarding detention of children and the multiple discriminations experienced by women migrants and refugees.

Anastasia Crickley
Anastasia Crickley

However, she added there was no room for complacency at home.   “Many of the recommendations of the McMahon Report remain to be implemented, less than a quarter of the refugees we promised to give refuge to have arrived a year later, undocumented migrants who make essential contributions to our economy still languish in limbo and we continue speak of the integration of migrants and refugees without reference to addressing the racism they can experience.”

On September 19th, the UN General Assembly hosted a high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and co-ordinated approach.

It was the first time the General Assembly had called for a summit at the Heads of State and Government level on large movements of refugees and migrants and was a historic opportunity to come up with a blueprint for a better international response. The Summit was a watershed moment to strengthen governance of international migration and a unique opportunity for creating a more responsible, predictable system for responding to large movements of refugees and migrants. Click on full statement below.


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