European Commission visits to prepare its report on racism in Ireland

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) spoke to Travellers and Roma and visited Traveller sites in preparation for its fifth country report on Ireland.

During its visit we highlighted to ECRI:

  • The need for a budget and accountability to ensure the implementation of the National Traveller Roma Inclusion Strategy (NTRIS)  2017-2021

  • The lack of ethnic equality data and necessity for a question on ethnic group in all state data collection systems

  • The urgent need for an Action Plan on Traveller health

  • Initiatives to combat racism and discrimination against Travellers and Roma and the need for a renewed Action Plan Against Racism

  • The disproportionate impact of the Habitual Residence Condition on Roma

  • The need for effective Hate Crime and Hate Speech legislation

    Pavee Point’s full briefing and recommendations here.

In its 2017  annual report  ECRI highlighted a continued rise in xenophobic populism and hate speech, with high levels of migration and challenges of integration, religious extremism, terrorist attacks and the austerity-driven socio-economic climate observed all over Europe.  Photographs by Derek Speirs. 

Mr Thomas Büchel (ECRI member in respect of Liechtenstein), Mr Volodymyr Kulyk (ECRI member in respect of Ukraine), Ms Sophie Kurt and Camilla Tessenyi from the Secretariat speak to Travellers in North Dublin.