Travellers and Roma can make a difference with their vote.  To vote you need to be on the voting register.

To be on the register for a General Election you need to:

  • Live regularly at the address you give
  • Be an Irish citizen
  • Be 18 years or over

As the election is in just a few short weeks the only way to register in time is to go on the SUPPLEMENTARY REGISTER.  

To do this you need to fill out the RFA2 FORM, get it signed at a Garda Station and return it by post to the Franchise Section of your local authority by Tuesday 21st of January.  If an election date of 8th of February is correct…you just have five working days left.

You can download the form here Download the RFA2 Inclusion in Supplement form  or get a printed copy from

  • Your local Garda Station
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Local authority office

Or ring your local authority to have a form posted out to you. 

Why Travellers and Roma should vote – article by Martin Collins, Pavee Point Co Director.

Photo credit: The Irish Times.