Following rules on funerals can save lives – Martin Collins

“People should not be getting involved in large gatherings. It is in breach of public health guidelines,” said Martin Collins, Pavee Point Co Director.

“I would encourage Travellers – difficult as it is because we all know funerals are culturally significant in our community – to follow the rules.

“This is about saving lives and people need to put their shoulder to the wheel, and that includes my own. It is not acceptable. People are playing Russian roulette with their own lives and the lives of their families.

“Travellers need to heed the guidelines and comply. I’m lost for words to be quite honest with you because it is not fair on other people who are making sacrifices and putting their shoulder to the wheel.”

Martin Collins made these remarks following reports of a Garda investigation into a large gathering following a funeral in Wexford this week.

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