Government Approves Updated Ethnicity Question for Census 2021

The Government has approved an updated ethnicity question for Census 2021 which will take place on Sunday the 18th of April 2021.

Following the pilot conducted last year by Central Statistics Office, a recommendation was made for the introduction of 8 new questions in Census 2021 and changes to 25 existing questions including disability, ethnic group, religion and the Irish language.

In a submission, Pavee Point highlighted the need for an updated ethnicity question to reflect the basis on which ethnic groups experience inequality in Ireland.

Commenting on the new questionnaire, Ronnie Fay, Co-Director, said, “We welcome the eight new additions to the existing questionnaire, including the updated ethnicity question which now includes Roma. This has been long awaited.

“The expanded categories now include groups that reflect the experience of racism in Ireland and that will also allow us to compare data with other countries and jurisdictions and is in line with good practice in Europe.”

See Press Release from Central Statistics Office.