International Father’s Mental Health Day

We know that when expecting a new baby and in the first year after the birth – father’s can experience mental health difficulties too. Becoming a Dad is a massive change and can bring a lot of joy but also stress.

With #Traveller men’s suicide rates 7 times higher than the general population it is important to make sure Traveller fathers are minding their nuck and know there is support available.

Some Traveller men might keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves and avoid speaking openly about their mental health. Signs of struggling are – increase in drinking, avoiding situations, substance misuse, an increase in feelings of anger and thoughts of suicide.

When a father is suffering without support, this often impacts on a mother’s mental health and the development of the child so it’s important to address and recognise that mental health difficulties can affect any parent.There is support available:For 24/7 confidential support: Text PAVEE to 50808. Traveller Counselling Service: 01 868 5761, 086 308 1476, or

Photo: Michael Collins with two of his children.