International Human Rights Day 2021

As the second International Human Rights Day since the global pandemic began Pavee Point salutes all who have struggled to address the human rights differentials exposed, and made worse, by COVID19 here and throughout the world. (Photo by Derek Speirs)

Climate justice

This year has also seen a worsening situation for refugee and migrant rights globally.   The immediate need to act for the rights of both ourselves and future generations was brought to all by the calls for climate justice at the recent Glasgow COP26.

Equality in medical assistance

The global discrimination differentials exposed by COVID19 need global responses in equitable global action to make vaccines and medical assistance available equally and promoted everywhere. We call on the Irish Government to lead this action.

COVID19 exposed inequalities

Covid inequalities

COVID19  exposed discrimination differentials and ongoing racism experienced by Travellers and Roma here in Ireland.  It also exposed the need for publication and implementation of long sought Government plans, policies and strategies to address discrimination and racism in a key areas including health, accommodation and education.

Equal outcomes in education

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“Traveller education disadvantage did not begin with COVID19 and reduced timetables for Traveller children, for example, cannot be explained by that.  Travellers have plenty of education ambition but our education experiences are often of discrimination and outcomes mostly of joblessness, ” said Tracey Reilly Pavee Point Education Project.

Human rights based approach in education

“I call for a new, transformed human rights based approach if COVID19 is not to lead to a lost education generation.

“To make this real I call for immediate development of the National Traveller Education Strategy, a commitment in the current Programme for Government and asked for by Traveller organisations since 2006.

“It must have direct involvement of Traveller and Roma organisations at all stages, with monitored targets and timelines and sufficient resources to make change possible.”