Marioara Rostas – a candle-lit vigil.

Members of the public and supporters from the settled, Roma and Traveller community joined Pavee Point Travellers’ Centre on Friday 10 February in a candle-lit vigil remembering Marioara Rostas, the Roma teenager found murdered in Dublin in January.

The simple vigil was organised in response to expressions of shock and goodwill from people contacting Pavee Point in the aftermath of her discovery.  It took place close to the last reported sighting of her in 2008, near Pearse Street Garda station. We are grateful to the community sector, members of the media and An Garda Síochána who joined us in remembering Marioara, and particuarly to Trade Union TV, who produced this moving video of the event.

Click on ‘Read More’ to see photos of the event, and to read a message of solidarity from the Romanian organisation Romani CRISS

These photos were taken by Derek Speirs.




Romani CRISS

Centrul Romilor pentru Interventie Sociala si Studii                                   


Bucharest, February 11, 2012





Firstly, we wish to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Marioara Rostas’s family. Losing such a young member of the family inflicts tremendous pain for any parents.

Youngsters are the ones who should pass on from generation to generation the best of our actions, our thoughts, our ideas and our values. From generation to generation we strive to build a better society. Yet, from beginning to end, some things remain the same: we care about our young, we look out for them, we love them, we cry with them.

Roma children and teenagers are one of the most vulnerable groups nowadays. They face great difficulties in their day-to-day life, such getting a proper education or having basic access to medical care. But that is not all they face. On top of that, Roma youngsters face much greater perils, being exposed to violence, falling victims to aggressions of all kinds. Marioara’s death is a tragic reminder of the perils many Roma youngsters face daily.


Regardless of ethnicity, religion or whatever else barriers our societies raise amongst us, we must all fight so that our children will be safer. We are making an appeal to everyone to bring their contribution to make this happen.


Today, our thoughts and prayers are directed to Marioara Rostas and her family. We are making a call to solidarity with the family who has suffered such a great and tragic loss, to all people touched by this most unfortunate death. We express our support to Marioara’s family and friends.

Rest in peace, Marioara!


Dumnezeu s-o ierte !


Ja Devlesa, Marioara!