Mental Health during COVID19

Pavee Point highlighted mental health inequalities for Travellers and the impact of COVID19 on Travellers mental health at a conference with policy makers on mental health yesterday.

We outlined our concerns around an increase in racism and discrimination towards Travellers and Roma during this time.   “We are worried about the further impact that this will have on mental health for Travellers and Roma,” said Patrick Reilly,  Mental Health Worker, Pavee Point.

“This needs to be  urgently addressed in partnership with Traveller Health Units, local Traveller organisations and Primary Health Care Projects – including ring-fenced funding to support peer-led targeted initiatives,” he said.

We called for the inclusion for a general question on ethnic identity  in all mental health services data collection along with the publication of the National Traveller Health Action Plan.

The conference was organised by Policy Forum for Ireland and focused on Next Steps for improving mental health care in Ireland.